Our Begining

With a desire to find a location back in the late 90’s which brought out the desired flavours and body from the soil, the first vineyard for Granite Rose Estate was discovered. Located just out of Bendigo in Harcourt North on the foothills of Mt Alexander.

Our Passion

With a passion for Bordeaux & Mediterranean wines, studies and overseas ventures to experience first hand the centuries of fine winemaking began.

Our Methods

Traditional methods are at the heart of the Granite Rose wine making process. Bio-friendly using no artificial fertilizers on our soils. Our Italian family traditions of slow basket pressing of the grapes with ultimate care and slow maturity in 225 litre barrique French oak barrels with minimum filtration to obtain maximum natural flavour.

the Granite Rose Estate philosophy

Fine wines that enrich the soul.

Granite Rose Estate

Our Timeline


The Search Begins

The search to the perfect soil and climatic conditions to bring to life the mediterranean style red wines begins. Welcome Granite Rose Estate, Harcourt North on the foothills of Mt Alexander


Shiraz Budding - Granite Rose Estate

Planted Vineyard

With initial plantings of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and a small allotment of Merlot the humble beginnings of a big future had started.


Shiraz Grapes Granite Rose Estate

First Production

With the first commercial production of wine flowing from the barrels, Granite Rose Estate had officially emerged



The traditions Continue

2016 though to the present day has seen Granite Rose take on a larger premises of 30 acres of vines in the Bendigo region. This in combination with strategic partnerships with other vignerons around Australia to bring our customers a complete and diverse selection of fine wines.


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